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About Us

Discover the perfect blend of freshness, craftsmanship, and indulgence at the Stadium.


Nestled at the intersection of Main Street and Cottage Street in the heart of picturesque downtown Bar Harbor, The Stadium is more than a culinary destination – it’s a cornerstone of the community. Join us in celebrating the art of handmade goodness, where flavors and memories come together in perfect harmony.


At the Stadium, we take pride in our craft. From the first crack of dawn, our dedicated bakers are hard at work creating culinary masterpieces from scratch – be it artisanal bread, homemade pasta, irresistible baked goods, flavorful preserves, indulgent spreads, comforting pies, airy popovers, and much more.


Collaborating with local Coffee Hound Coffee Co., we offer a curated selection of signature lattes, rich espressos, and freshly brewed coffees. Sip and savor our coffee creations while indulging in the delightful bustle of our bakery.


Our lobster rolls feature hand picked lobster meat from the lobster boats of Maine. Elevating the lobster roll experience starts with the foundation – our freshly baked rolls. Crafted in-house with care and precision, each roll is a testament to our commitment to quality.


What sets our lobster rolls apart is the finishing touch – our homemade brown butter aioli. Our aioli is the secret ingredient that elevates our lobster rolls from a sandwich to a moment of pure delight.


The commitment to daily freshness is not just a promise; it&’s our dedication to delivering an unparalleled seafood experience.


The most common theme in our online reviews is our world class level of guest service that we aim to provide for each and every one of our guests.  This is what we pride ourselves on most.  Our goal is for the experience by every guest to be remembered as an exceptional and memorable visit that has you eagerly waiting for your next trip to Bar Harbor to come visit us.


Always fresh, always fast, never forgotten